Krohn, Matthias: You-Muh!

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You-Muh! - 3 Solo foreplay pieces for young drummers: 1. Durch den Wind (By the Wind) for Snare Drum; 2. Schlagbaum (Turnpike) for 4 Timpani; 3. One Minute, Please for Snare Drum & Tom-Tom; easy to intermediate

Most drum teachers know this: in search of a good piece for the next audition or the next youth music competition, the literary selection is getting smaller, the younger the speakers are. The piece may not be so heavy, but it must sound good and should be very effective. In addition, the instruments should not be too exotic, after all, the young players do not yet have the big equipment at home. This is how the three solos here were created. All has in common that they have been successfully performed several times at Jugend musiziert. But much more important was and is that they give great pleasure - and besides, a lot of new things are learned about special techniques and possibilities of expression.

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