Chmura, Tomas: The Wilderness for Beginner on Orchestral Percussion

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The Wilderness for Beginner on Orchestral Percussion - Five compositions for orchestral percussion with piano accompaniment, each with a duration of about one minute: 1. Hummingbird (Triangle), 2. Snake (suspended cymbal), 3. Elephant (Bass Drum), 4. Tiddler (headless tambourine), 5. Woodpecker (Claves); easy

This album for children (and teenagers) is intended for beginners encountering the diverse range of orchestral percussion instruments for the first time. Short compositions have been included only for those orchestral instruments that are most likely to be found in a music school (e.g. triangle, light cymbal). The large orchestral drum can easily be replaced by the large drum of a drum kit or a large tom-tom. The pieces have titles that motivate the students (e.g. "The Snake" or "The Elephant") and a choice of tempos enables them to adjust the pieces according to their ability.

As an experienced and respected teacher, Tomáš Chmura uses the "play-along" method of teaching: recordings make it easier for beginner drummers to read the notation, get a sense of the composition as a whole and facilitate practising.

Mp3 recordings of all the pieces are available on our website in two versions - for piano with percussion instrument or piano solo. The latter recording can also be used in concert performances, should a pianist not be available.

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