Gauger, Tom: ...white water... on the Housatonic for Percussion Sextet

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White Water...On the Housatonic is a NEW work for percussion ensemble (sextet) by Tom Gauger. The Housatonic River in Connecticut is an exciting roller coaster ride that displays both the power and beauty of the river. According to Gauger, anyone who recoginzes the ebb and flow of a river and the calm eddies will recognize these elements in White Water on the Housatonic. You will hear the power of the currents and the pounding waves and you will appreciate what White Water is all about.

White Water on the Housatonic was commissioned by Frank Epstein and the New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble.

Number of players - 6
Difficulty - Medium-advanced (grade 5)

Instrumentation -
Player 1 - Low A Marimba, 4 Tom-toms (high), One Shot Shaker, Crash Cymbals

Player 2 - Low A Marimba, 4 tom-toms, 2 Suspended Cymbals (high)

Player 3 - Vibraphone, 2 Suspend Cymbals (high), Bow, Bongos, Rainstick, Bamboo Wind Chimes

Player 4 - Vibraphone, Bass Drum (med.), Crotales (low octave), Tam-tam (medium), 2 Suspended Cymbals (Med.), Super Ball, Glass Wind Chimes, Bongos, Xylophone

Player 5 - Bass Drum (low), Bells, Snare Drum, 3 Suspended Cymbals, 1 Sizzle Cymbal, Tam-tam (low), Cymbals attached to Bass Drum

Player 6 - 5 Timpani, Triangle

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