Nono, Luigi: Extracts for Percussion Ensemble (6 players)

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Extracts for Percussion Ensemble - 8 mins; Suite for 6 percussionists composed of interludes from Nono's orchestral works from the period 1951-1955; edited by Bernhard Wulff; New music; advanced

Luigi Nono wrote in his earlier orchestral works between 1952 and 1955 some interludes or independent parts of the sentence only for percussion instruments. During Nono's time in Freiburg there was a fruitful collaboration with the Freiburg Percussion Ensemble. In discussions, it was suggested that the independent percussion parts of his older orchestral works should be summarized as a suite for the ensemble and thus made accessible to the percussion literature. These are some of the very few examples of European percussion ensemble music from this period. The present five parts were put together according to dramaturgical and practical aspects and should be played in the attacca, but are also excellent objects of study outside the concert setting.

Content text:

No. I Composizione per Orchestra (1951) Finale tripartito
No. II Due Espressioni per Orchestra (1953) Beginning of the 2nd movement
No. III Der rote Mantel (1954) Interlude from the ballet by Tatjana Gsovsky, based on "The Love of Don Perlimplín with Belisa in the Garden", by F. Garcia Lorca
No. IV The Red Cape (concert suite 1955) "Belisa's Love Song" - No. V The Red Cape, Beginning of the 1st act

Difficulty: difficult
ISMN: 979-0-001-16774-1
Performance duration: 8' 0"
Publisher: Schott Music
Series: Essential Exercises
UPC: 841886033757
instrumentation: P. S. (Glsp. · Vibr. · Marimba · 6 Trgl. · 3 hg. Beck. · 3 Tamb. · 3 kl. Tr. m. Schnarrsaiten · 3 kl. Tr. o. Schnarrsaiten · 2 Rührtr. · gr. Tr. · Legnetti) (6 Spieler)
page number: 24
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