Geld, Tom van der: Die neue Gehörbildung für Rock, Pop & Jazz Vol. 1 (Buch + CD-ROM)

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It is the musical reactions and flexibility that put the finishing touches to a performance. But often a lack of listening comprehension will present an obstacle to improvising and ensemble-playing.
This is where 'Die neue Gehörbildung' by Tom van der Geld comes in – with a structured training for better listening comprehension in jazz and jazz-related music.
His carefully crafted method with many examples and dictation exercises leads, step by step, to a well-trained ear. Music theory is added wherever it helps to make listening easier.
The present new edition of Volume 1 includes lessons on intervals, triads and tetrads, scales as well as important connections of chords. In addition, it contains three special chapters on rhythm.

Including CD-ROM with worksheets and solutions for printing.
  - Foreword
  - Introduction
  - Chromatic Scale
  - Rhythm Studies (1)
  - Major Scale and Key Centers
  - Intervals and Inversions
  - Modes
  - Rhythm Studies (2)
  - Triads
  - Rhythm Studies (3)
  - Diatonic Seventh Chords
  - Secondary Dominants
  - Deminished Seventh Chord
  - Acknowledgments
  - Appendix
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