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Capstone Records CD HOWARD J. BUSS: MODERN TIMES Music for flute, percussion, and narrator “Outstanding, brilliant...These works demonstrate that Buss is one of our more outstanding composers for percussion. The performances are of the highest quality.” - George Frock, Percussive Notes Magazine, October 2004
In its April 2005 issue, The Gramophone, a leading audiophile magazine based in England, selected the CD Howard J. Buss: Modern Times to be included among “The best new recordings from North America.”
“Composer Howard J. Buss has won a number of awards, and this varied survey offers a worthy overview of his music.” - The Gramophone, April 2005
And specifically about Scenes from the Holy Land:
“The opening section, ‘Masada’ presents angular solos against percussion accents, with ascending legato passages for the flute. The music turns more florid and Middle-Eastern in style before a peaceful coda. ‘Storm on Mount Sinai’ offers sharply rhythmic music accented with tambourine and a more febrile bazaar-like flute writing. ‘The Flock by the Sea of Galilee’ contains an oddly memorable five-note percussion motif under a lovely bucolic flute theme. ‘The Road to Jerusalem’ makes a haunting finale with elaborate passages against pulsating percussion. Scenes from the Holy Land is an effective and colorful work with deftly varied music and tackled by the musicians with skill and understated virtuosity Buss’ intimate style requires. It makes its effects with point and economy and would be a boon to flute and percussion duos searching for program material.” - The Gramophone, April 2005

Overture for Percussion for 4 percussion (6:00) Howard J. Buss
OVERTURE Sound Sample#1.mp3 (896K)
OVERTURE Sound Sample#2.mp3 (928K)
OVERTURE Sound Sample#3.mp3 (704K)
Scenes from the Holy Land for flute and percussion (15:30) Howard J. Buss
I. Masada (3:50)
II. Storm on Mount Sinai (3:06)
III. The Flock By the Sea of Galilee (2:24)
IV. Jordan Valley Enchantment (2:29)
V. The Road to Jerusalem (4:26)
Currents for four percussion (14:34) Howard J. Buss
CURRENTS Sound Sample#1.mp3 (1MB)
CURRENTS Sound Sample#2.mp3 (1MB)
CURRENTS Sound Sample#3.mp3 (1.1MB)
CURRENTS Sound Sample#4.mp3 (984K)
Modern Times for narrator, flute and four percussion (29:30) Howard J. Buss
I. Info Glut (3:34) Sound Sample (996K)
II. Night Tide (2:49) Sound Sample (804K)
III. The Hunt (4:14) Sound Sample (872K)
IV. Five Question Interlude (3:01) Sound Sample (1MB)
V. The Asphalt Blanket (3:11) Sound Sample (1.1MB)
VI. To a Neglected Child (5:25) Sound Sample (1.1MB)
VII. Giggles!?! (1:57) Sound Sample (976K)
VIII. Modern Times (5:26) Sound Sample#1 (1000K) Sound Sample#2 (812K)
Total Playing Time: (66:45)
All works published by Brixton Publications (ASCAP) -
Performers: Overture for Percussion: T. Hampton Dohrman, Emory Blake, Grant M. Beiner, Lee W. Hinkle and Robert McCormick, conductor. Scenes from the Holy Land: The McCormick Duo - Kim S. McCormick, flute; Robert McCormick, percussion. Performers for Currents: T. Hampton Dohrman, Emory Blake, Grant M. Beiner, Robert McCormick. Modern Times: Jerald Reynolds, narrator; Kim McCormick, flute; percussion: Greg Graves, Cara Ready, Brad Sharo, Ryan Thomas. Overture, Scenes and Currents recorded at the Springs Theatre, Tampa FL. Modern Times recorded at the Music Recital Hall at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Engineer John Stephan of the Springs Theatre ( Cover art by Judy E. Buss.

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