Video Weckl, Dave: How to Develop your own Sound

Video Weckl, Dave: How to Develop your own Sound

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In this very different video, the first of its kind really, Dave explains and demonstrates all aspects of developing your own sound.

Beginning with how to get a great acoustic sound, Dave walks you through his approach to tuning the kit. He then adds the mics, explaining the various types and their functions, and guides you in suggested selection and placement. Next, he shows the mixing console and explains how frequencies, equalization and phase cancellation can generally affect the sound of the drums and music. He also briefly discusses the use of dynamic processors, such as noise gates, compressors, and reverbs. All of the explanation is clearly demonstrated with visual graphs and audio reinforcement.

This is the most complete sound reinforcement instruction ever developed for percussionists. Of course, great performances by The Dave Weckl Band appear throughout.

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