DVD Wallace, Robert: Rhythm Adventure Vol. 1

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In this dynamic, hands-on DVD, The Drum Guy (Robert Wallace) shares his proven, step-by-step learning process to quickly and easily teach the 10 Most Popular World Rhythms: Samba from Brazil, New Orleans Funk, Salsa, Reggae, HipHop, Calypso from Trinidad, and more.....! Use these rhythms, many of which are centuries old, to enhance every aspect of your life: to help you slow down and feel more grounded and relaxed, to heal, to connect with others, to open your heart and soul to the music of the world.

Here is a brief description of the 10 Most Popular World Rhythms taught on this break-through DVD:
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  1. Afro (Congolese Zebola)
  2. Cuban Salsa
  3. Brazilian Samba
  4. Jamaican Reggae
  5. Ijexa
  6. HipHop
  7. Waltz
  8. New Orleans Funk
  9. Bellydance
  10. Calypso

This DVD includes nearly TWO HOURS of EXPERT INSTRUCTION for beginner and experienced drummers alike. The Drum Guy gives a brief description of the historical and cultural background for each rhythm, and then patiently teaches you how to create the FOUR NOTES needed to play ALL TEN of the world's most popular rhythms.

The Drum Guy teaches these 10 rhythms on 7 different drums from around the world, so no matter what drum you play, these universal rhythms are available to you, right now!

Click below to learn more about the drums included on this DVD:

  1. Conga Drum
  2. Djembe Drum
  3. Bongos
  4. Rebolo
  5. Dumbek
  6. Banga
  7. Total Rhythm Drum


The Drum Guy uses his highly effective, movement-based 4-step "Root to the Fruit" learning process to help you FEEL all 10 of these exciting rhythms in your body even BEFORE you touch a drum!


  1. You first SING the rhythm,
  2. Then you SING the rhythm and STEP the downbeat (the basic pulse of the rhythm),
  3. Next you SING the rhythm, STEP and CLAP the downbeat,
  4. Finally, you do all this with a SMILE on your face!

The Drum Guy has refined this 4-step Root to the Fruit process by teaching THOUSANDS of first-time and experienced drummers throughout the country. The process helps you to FEEL the rhythms in your body first, so they flow through you with natural ease and grace when you play them on your drum. After the Root to the Fruit process, The Drum Guy patiently walks you through EACH AND EVERY NOTE of ALL TEN of the world's most popular rhythms, teaching with insight, patience, and humor.

After learning the proper note sequence and phrasing, The Drum Guy utilizes an effective CALL and RESPONSE teaching style: he plays the rhythm, then you play the rhythm, and so on and so on....so that you hear the correct notes and phrasing and can then immediately reproduce them on your own. All rhythms are taught in a relaxed, unhurried style, with thorough instruction about drum and body positioning, hand technique, and overall musicality. All the while, The Drum Guy reminds you to have a smile on your face and enjoy the magic of playing world rhythms!

This landmark DVD includes a comprehensive section teaching you how to STRETCH before you play, "in the field" video segments showing the rhythms played in a performance context, and a bonus play-along section for each rhythm, without any stops or any variations whatsoever, to help you LOCK IN THE BEAT!

Within 2 hours, you will confidently play ALL 10 of the World's Most Popular Rhythms with ease and grace! And, you'll have a lot of fun doing it....The exciting world of global rhythms is here for you!

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