Snare Drum stick Rohema Concert Mezzo

Product no.: 191-853
23.90 / pair(s)
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Concert Mezzo

With a tip diameter of 9.5 millimeters, the Concert Mezzo is right between the Concert Sticks Piano and Forte. The weight of the drumstick is also between the other two models of our Red Hornwood Concert sticks. The Concert Mezzo is a very universal musical stick and has a fantastic feel.

The Red Hornwood used here is a special laminated wood made in Germany, which we refine with an oil-wax finish in a two-step process. This provides the Mezzo with a great feel and grip. The beech plywood offers high continuity in both rebound and density, making the use of tropical woods absolutely unnecessary.

The Concert Mezzo, as well as Piano and Forte, are an evolution of the proven Rohema General drumstick. These three, in weight and tip shape different variants expand the range of applications of the Rohema Concert series.

Type of wood Red Hornwood
Finish Öl-Wachs Finish
Tip round
Weight medium heavy
Length 405 mm / 15.957″
Diameter 16 mm / .630″
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