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Chmura, Tomas: On the Meadow for Beginner on the Snare Drum (with piano acc.)

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On the Meadow for the Beginner on the Snare Drum (mit Klavierbegleitung) - 5 short pieces for Snare Drum and Piano; easy; Audio / Video online

This album for children (and teenagers) is intended for beginners on the snare drum. The short compositions with piano accompaniment have descriptive titles such as “The Caterpillar” or “The Grasshopper” in order to motivate the young musicians. The editor Tomáš Chmura deliberately avoids more advanced techniques and a choice of tempos enables students to adjust the difficulty of the piece according to their ability.

As an experienced and respected teacher, Tomáš Chmura uses the play-along method of teaching: recordings make it easier for beginner drummers to read the notation, get a sense of the composition as a whole and facilitate practising. Mp3 recordings of all pieces are available on our website for piano and snare drum or piano solo.


  1. Housenka / Caterpillar / Die Raupe
  1. Kobylka / Grasshopper / Der Grashüpfer
  1. Chrobák / Dung Beetle / Der Mistkäfer
  1. Stonožka / Centipede / Der Tausendfüßler
  1. Motýl / Butterfly / Der Schmetterling
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4 - 4 of 34 results