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Malletech Tour Bag (black cotton corduroy)

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Malletech Tour Bag - for Percussion- und Marimbaplayer, 16 large pockets (each for 1 Set Vibra/Marimba-Mallets or 2 pair drum sticks or 1 pair timpani mallets), 2 large outside pockets for books, scores or Small-Percussion, Material black cotton corduroy. Outside dimensions 43x60 cm

The Malletech Tour Bag was first designed in 1979. This was the first and finest large mallet bag ever made for marimbists and percussionists.

Over the years it has been constantly improved and remains the standard by which others are compared. When fully opened and hanging on an instrument, Tour Bag is 36 inches wide by 21 inches high. It folds and zops into a 16 by 21-inch shoulder bag, leaving the large outer pockets accessible and protecting your mallets and sticks inside. Tour Bag is made of highest quality, heavy, black cotton corduroy that will give you a lifetime of use.

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3 - 3 of 5 results