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Forestiere, Beniamino: 200 Eurorudiments for Drum

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200 Eurorudiments for Drum - 106 P.; Standard, Swiss and french Rudiments; 330 Performances, 125 Routines, 20 Tables, 40 Synchronization Schemes of the Rolls; Text ital./engl.

The truth about the rudiments - A revolutionary book
“In this book I have enclosed all the rudiments known, meaning those rudiments rhythmic
formulas you need to know to express themselves to the fullest, including the basic elements
that make up such rhythmic formulas: for example the diddle consists of only two strokes of
the same hand. Also included are the permutations resulting from the exchange a rhythmic
formula: for example by exchanging best known paradiddle ensuing three other lesser known,
but no less important. They have been developed all of the roll in two strokes by the hand,
from the roll 3 to the roll 17, and including all of the roll in single strokes. Have been included,
in essence, all the rudiments of the French school and Swiss, which are the basis of European
and US drumming.” Beniamino Forestiere

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1 - 1 of 28 results