Brenner, Robert: Dauerbrenner Militärhistorische Spielstücke für Parade Snare

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Dauerbrenner Militärhistorische Spielstücke für Parade Snare - 109 S.; Referenzbuch der zeremoniellen Spielstücke des Militärmusikdienstes der Bundeswehr mit historischen Grundlagen und essentiellen Übungen: Locke, Parademarsch der Spielleute, Präsentiermarsch, Großer Zapfenstreich u. v. m.; Text deutsch; Tonbeispiele können kostenlos über das Internet geladen werden.



Generations of drummers have been dealing for centuries with the historical ceremonial plaything pieces.

So it is in the Locke, the parade march of the minstrels, the presentation march or, for example, the big tattoo about true DauerBrenner. These pieces of music are required to this day both at the music corps of the military music service of the Bundeswehr, as well as in many game people associations, symphonic wind orchestras, music clubs or symphony orchestras.

Since time immemorial, the necessary foundations and technical knowledge have been handed down from generation to generation. After the terrible world wars of the last century, not only many good teachers, but also many important documents and expertise were lost. A sound education of the drummers could be resumed only very hesitantly and under the most difficult conditions.

Due to my nearly 20 years of teaching at the Bundeswehr Training Music Corps, the central training facility of the Bundeswehr Military Music Service and my many years of practical experience with the students there, I have been intensively involved for many years with the different drumming traditions, the ceremonial pieces and their historical foundations ,

Inspired by numerous inquiries from my students and encouraged by many of my fellow lecturers, I put together the following pieces with the necessary preliminary exercises on the basis of the historical material.

Everyone can learn something about the classics of this historical music, their origin and function with this DauerBrenner (LIVING BURNER) and learn to play the original pieces with their essential basics!

Have fun!
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