Guiliana, Mark: Exploring your creativity on the Drumset

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Exploring your creativity on the Drumset - 88 pages; Dynamics, Rate, Orchestration, Phrasing, etc.; Text engl., Online Video Access

Explore your creativity on the Drumset. In this book, Drum tutor Mark Guiliana presents a complete system entitled D.R.O.P.: Dynamics, Rate, Orchestration and Phrasing. Guiliana pulls this structure apart, examining each building block individually and presenting rhythmic concepts that will expand your ability to call on different rhythmic rates and subdivisions on command, move them around the kit freely, and phrase them in exciting and sometimes complex ways that sound like “polyrhythms” and “metric modulations” but are actually constructed upon a solid foundation of drumming basics. This book will give you the confidence to make a personal statement on the Drumset.

Exploring Your Creativity On The Drumset includes access to online videos showing live footage of Guiliana playing with two of his longtime collaborators, Tim Lefebvre (bass) and Jason Lindner (keys). Having played together for years, these three musicians most recently formed the rhythm section for David Bowie's final album, Blackstar. Watch Guiliana interact with these world-class musicians in electric and acoustic settings as they apply his own concepts in inspiring performances.

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