Bomhof/Cox/Weijmans u.a.: Contemporary Solos for Multi Percussion

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Titel Komponist
Multi Pulti Bomhof, Gert
Scream Cox, Vincent
Snare-n-Bass Oskam, Victor
Battlefield Prince, Gian
Multi One Smit, Henk
Bears me Weijmans, Ivo
Triple 'A' Bomhof, Gert
Black-Eye Cox, Vincent
Rackety Oskam, Victor
The Boogieman Prince, Gian
Drumming Along Smit, Henk
And the Beat Goes On Weijmans, Ivo
Dancing Drums Bomhof, Gert
Pulse Cox, Vincent
Diddleledo Oskam, Victor
Con las manos Prince, Gian
Triple Beat Smit, Henk
At ease Weijmans, Ivo
Clownery Bomhof, Gert
Breakdown Cox, Vincent
Doengtik Oskam, Victor
Oriëntondo Prince, Gian
Latin Move Smit, Henk
Samoerai Weijmans, Ivo
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