Edlinger, Georg: Polymix Percussion-Ensemble for 4-12 Players

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Polymix Percussion-Ensemble for 4-12 Players - Polyrhythmic, with Rhythmen from Ghana, Mali, Spanien, Brasilien, Türkei, and also Balkan- und HipHop-Rhythmen. Marimba, Cajon, Djembe, Congas, Drumset, Body Percussion, Mug, Broomstick; Parts could be doubled or tripled; intermediate

Press Release

Polymix is a percussion ensemble piece for marimba, drum set, congas, djemben, cajon, body percussion, mug and broomstick with continuous polyrhythmic phenomena.

Polyrhythmics and timelines as well as metric and tempo modulations run through the entire piece and become a link for different rhythms from different cultures: African rhythms such as Ewe from Ghana or Koniaka from Mali and Spanish rhythms like Fandango or Buleria mix with samba from Brazil, Aksak from Turkey and also Balkan and hip-hop rhythms.

Furthermore, melodies from popular music are integrated and mixed with contemporary melodies.

Polymix is therefore a textbook and a performance piece - varied tempos as well as changes in time and rhythm merge into one and accompany the listener on a journey into the multicultural cosmos of music!

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