Horwath, Andreas: Body Percussion Line

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Body Percussion Line - 3'15 Min.; 12 players; Pounding, knocking, clapping; easy to intermediate

Body percussion line is a great body percussion piece with a rousing performance. 12 players (or more) stand in line and stomp, knock and clap in unison and polyrhythmic.

The body percussion line has the difficulty level 3 (intermediate level) and is suitable for youth orchestras, music school ensembles and choirs, as well as for the rhythm work community or classroom music.

The piece consists of 12 parts and has a rondo shape. Right at the beginning, the main theme is presented, a quaver movement that taps the chest and thighs. The mirror-image version achieves a nice visual effect. There are two votes, "left" and "right", both votes are equal and about the same weight.

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