Chenoweth, Vida: The Marimbas of Guatemala

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108 pages. The Marimbas of Guatemala is an analytical study of the history of the Guatemalan marimba. Vida Chenoweth has compiled information on the origins and cultural significance of the marimba in Guatemala. In-depth analysis of the three styles of Guatemalan Marimbas will leave you informed and energized about the roots of a percussive classic. Chenoweth includes instrument diagrams as well as musical examples to provide a comprehensive background on each of the instruments. This book is a must have for every percussionists library. Chenoweth was acclaimed by New York and European critics as the one who elevated the marimba to concert status. For her contributions to music, she has been inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame (1984) and the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame (1994), and in 2001 was selected by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, as one of 2000 outstanding musicians of the 20th century.

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