Mallets Malletech Chien Chien Lu CCL-13

Product no.: 193-159
79.00 / pair(s)
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Malletech Chien Chien Lu CCL-13 - for Vibraphone, medium hard, big, heavy head, short Rattan-handle  34 cm

The Malletech CCL13 vibraphone mallet delivers a rich, warm tone while also providing effortless projection without the unwanted harsh tones typically associated with higher volume mallets. The shaft length has been specifically designed to make both 2 and 4 mallet playing comfortable and the overall weight of the mallet is heavy enough to get a rich, lush sound on more lyrical passages and ballads but not too heavy to sacrifice the agility needed on up-tempo tunes.

Chien Chien Lu is a jazz vibraphonist, contemporary percussionist, arranger, and composer from Taiwan. She recorded on trumpeter Jeremy Pelt’s latest record “Jeremy Pelt The Artist” and toured with the band to France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, and UK. Chien Chien has recently stepped forth as a composer and leader with her own quartet.

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