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New Lang, David: Unchained Melody for Solo Percussion

Product no.: 063-606

Unchained Melody for Solo Percussion - 7 Min.; written for Steven Schick; 7 Glockenspiel bars, 7 noise instruments of your own choice, 1 Brake Drum or another metal; advanced


10.70 *

New Glennie, Evelyn: Hal Leonard Glockenspiel Method

Product no.: 041-065

Hal Leonard Glockenspiel Method - 74 pages; for beginners, Text engl., including video and audio access

16.99 *

New Beckenstein, Jay/Wittiber, Benjamin: Morning Dance for Marimba Solo

Product no.: 044-3405

Morning Dance for Marimba Solo - 3'25 Min.; arrangement of Spyro Gyra Titels by Benjamin Wittiber, for 4 1/3 or 5-Oktav Marimba; in memoriam Dave Samuels;  advanced

11.00 *

New Steinbauer, Johannes: 11 Charakter-Etüden für Kleine Trommel(n) Band 1

Product no.: 013-136

11 Character Studies for Snare Drum(s) Volume 1 - 11 Snare Drum Studies with quotations from works by Bartok, Shostakovich and Bernd Alois Zimmermann; difficult

22.50 *

New Kopetzki, Eckhard: Shadow March for Percussion Sextett

Product no.: 110-2035

Shadow March for Percussion Sextett - 5 Min.; 2 Snare Drums, 4 Tomtoms, 2 pairs of Bongos, 3 Cowbells, 1 Splashcymbal, 1 Crashcymbal,, 1 Chin.cymbal,, 1 Woodbl., 1 Bass Drum, 1 Guiro, 1 Tam-Tam, 6 cans, 2 flowerpots; intermediate


18.50 *

New Huber, Nicolaus A.: laissez vibrer, Solo for 18 tubular bells

Product no.: 063-605

laissez vibrer, Solo for 18 tubular bells - 9 Min.; New Music, handwritten manuscript; 18 tubular bells, chin. cymbal; advanced

19.90 *

New Kästli, Alexander: 101 Drum Solos

Product no.: 021-357

101 Drum Solos - 148 pages; simple, motivating learning concept, each of the solos fuses rhythms, techniques and exercises of all kinds; Text german/englisch

26.90 *

New Rohwer, Nils: Licence to Drum for Drumset Solo

Product no.: 025-369

Licence to Drum for Drumset Solo - 4'15 Min.; also using Cowbell and Woodblock; advanced


10.00 *

New Kaiser, Leander: Countersink Engine #1 for 2 Drumsets

Product no.: 026-061

Countersink Engine #1 for 2 Drumsets - 5'30 Min.; intermediate to advanced

16.00 *

New Kaiser, Leander: Southern Pacific Liner for Percussion Quartet or Quintet

Product no.: 090-1045

Southern Pacific Liner for Percussion Quartet or Quintet - 4 Min.; Samba, 4 or 5 players; 4 WBl., Claves, Crotale, 2 Cowb., 2 Timbales, Maracas, 4 Roto-Toms, Bass Drum, 2 Bongos, Vibraslap; easy to intermediate

16.00 *

New Steinbauer, Johannes: 2020 Solo Trilogy for Vibraphone and Percussion

Product no.: 063-604

2020 Solo Trilogy for Vibraphone and Percussion - 25 Min.; 3 movements; Vibraphone, chin. cymbal, waterphone, 2 chin. opera gongs, 2 Bongos, Tom-Tom, Rainmaker, Bamboo wood chimes, asian temple wind bells; advanced


46.00 *

New Piccon, Daniel: Tierparade

Product no.: 070-164

Tierparade - 10 Duos for Cajon, easy to intermediate

Youtube-Video 1

Youtube-Video 2

20.00 *

New Mitzner, Rob: Drumming in a Band - Stuff You Can Use

Product no.: 024-1280

Stuff You Can Use - 170 pages; Drumming in a Band, 53 Groove Play-alongs in every style, downloadable audio and vVideo Tracks, Groove Workshops, Charts, Lead Sheets and more; Text engl.

25.90 *

New Burton, Gary/Ozone, Makoto: Bag's Groove for Vibraphone and Piano

Product no.: 047-366

Bag's Groove for Vibraphone and Piano - transcription of Milt Jackson's title from DVD "Live in Montreux 2002" by Leonhard Waltersdorfer; advanced


26.90 *

New Holliger, Heinz: Voi(es)x metallique(s) pour un percussionniste invisible ("Zinngeschrei")

Product no.: 063-603

Voi(es)x metallique(s) pour un percussionniste invisible ("Zinngeschrei") - 15 Min.; New Music; Tam-Tam, Tambour à corde, Watergong, different sticks and mallets; advanced

39.00 *

Weitzel, Arend: Pastimes with good timpani

Product no.: 032-030

Pastimes with good timpani - 26 pages; rhythmic accuracy through flowing movements, Text german/english

19.80 *

Latham, Rick: Advanced Funk Studies (Buch + CD)

Product no.: 022-028BCD

Advanced Funk Studies (Buch + CD) - 49 Seiten, für Fortgeschrittene, Funk-Studien, Transkriptionen berühmter Drummer (Gadd, Mason, Erskine u. a.), 10 Soli

29.95 *

Garibaldi, David: DG'z Notebook

Product no.: 022-659

DG'z Notebook - 68 pages; My Path to the Groove - Ideas from a Beat Collector, advanced drumming concepts to improve your playing; Text engl.


26.00 *

Kopetzki, Eckhard: Second Hand 1 - Duo for Percussion

Product no.: 070-277

Second Hand 1 - Duo for Percussion - 5'30 Min.; Bass Drum, 2 Tom Toms, 2 Bongos, Crash cymbal; intermediate

12.80 *

Franke, Sylvia: Mit Kindern trommeln (Buch + CD)

Product no.: 061-372

Mit Kindern trommeln (Buch + CD) - 112 S.; ein praxisbezogenes Buch für das Musizieren mit Kindern im Grundschulalter, Rhythmen aus Westafrika spannend verpackt in spielfertigen Trommelgeschichten; Text deutsch

33.90 *

Lang, Michael H.: Drumset-Schule

Product no.: 021-259

Drumset-Schule - 158 S.; Anfängerschule; überarbeitete Neuauflage von 2022; Übungen und Spielstücke, sowie Soli in verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsstufen verbinden auf über 150 Seiten Üben und Musizieren in methodisch sinnvoller Weise; Text deutsch.

26.80 *

Lindner, Markus: Groove Brothers für Percussion Duo

Product no.: 070-276

Groove Brothers für Percussion Duo - ca. 6 Min.; 2 Cajons, Djembe, Conga, Wok-Pfanne, diverse Schlägel; mittelschwer

24.50 *

Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-along Mallet Percussion: Favorite Disney Songs

Product no.: 047-752

Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-along Mallet Percussion: Favorite Disney Songs - 24 pages; 2 mallets, easy; 15 songs from Disney films to play along: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Toy Story u.a.; Audio access included

20.99 *

Lee, Jie-Goo: Practical Four Mallet Exercise

Product no.: 042-086

Practical Four Mallet Exercise - 62 pages; exercises for daily practice or quick warm-up; text german/english/corean

21.00 *

Brenner, Robert: German Campus Duty

Product no.: 012-134

German Campus Duty - 74 pages; Development of drum music in German military music; traditional and modern pieces of music, introductory and advanced versions as well as play-alongs; text German

28.90 *

Marinissen, Arnold: Totem for Marimba

Product no.: 044-3334

Totem for Marimba - 20 Min.; 4 Movements, 5-Octave-Marimba, advanced


new Version 2020 in 4 movements

28.00 *

Niessner, Jürgen: 7 Kompositionen für Mallets

Product no.: 044-909

7 Compositions for Mallets - 22 pages; 7 titles for 3-Oktav Solo Vibraphone or Marimbaphone, 4 mallets, mitintermediate

17.90 *

Wagner, Alfred: Der Schlagzeuger im Kulturorchester

Product no.: 011-093
Der Schlagzeuger im Kulturorchester - 103 S.; trad. Schulwerk für Kleine Trommel von 1952 in Neuauflage; sehr viele Etüden *jetzt wieder erhältlich*
15.90 *

Basler, Wolfgang / Lesch, Jörg: Vorübungen Pflichtstücke D1, D2 und D3 für Kleine Trommel

Product no.: 011-167

Vorübungen Pflichtstücke D1, D2 und D3 für Kleine Trommel - 30 S.; 8 Titel mit Vorübungen; Text deutsch

9.50 *

Wood, James: Secret Dialogues for Solo Marimba

Product no.: 044-3394

Secret Dialogues for Solo Marimba - 12 Min.; new music, advanced


32.00 *

Hal Leonard Simple Songs Easy Drum Songbook

Product no.: 024-282

Hal Leonard Simple Songs Easy Drum Songbook - 190 pages; easy Drum Trancriptions of 50 popular Songs; Text engl.

21.40 *

Kopetzki, Eckhard: Marimba Joy Vol. 3

Product no.: 044-908

Marimba Joy Vol. 3 - 20 pages; 10 Solos for 4 Mallets; intermediate

13.80 *

Snare Drum sticks Rohema Concert Riedhammer 1

Product no.: 191-850

Concert Riedhammer 1 - stick from Red Hornwood for piano playing, teardrop tip; length 394 mm / 15.524″; diameter 14 mm / .552″

here you find other Rohema Concert sticks

23.90 / pair(s) *

Hessler, Claus/Spieler, Claudio: Taladiddle

Product no.: 012-133

Taladiddle (Buch/MP3-CD/Online/Poster) - 160 S.; Konnakol meets Rudimental Drumming. Die Rhythmussprache Südindiens verbindet sich mit Snare-Drum-Rudiments; Text deutsch

23.95 *

Skowera, Wlodzimierz: Exercises for Kettledrums

Product no.: 033-068

Exercises for Kettledrums - 48 pages; 75 exercises for 2-5 timpani; intermediate to advanced; reprint of 1970 issue

26.00 *

Stensgaard, Kai: Advanced Marimba Techniques

Product no.: 042-083

Advanced Marimba Techniques - 70 pages; 1-bar-exercises; focus on pianistic technique, double, triple and multi lateral strokes, independence between hands with practical and musical exercises; Text english/spanish

42.00 *

CD Mannheimer Schlagwerk, The Numbers are Dancing

Product no.: 171-373

The Numbers are Dancing - 59 Min.;  New Works for Mallet Quartet: Dennis Kuhn: Epitaph for a Friend "Leon's House"; Nik Bärtsch: Seven Eleven; Stephan Thelen: Russian Dolls; Paralell Motion; Markus Reuter: Sexgott I-III . Mannheimer Schlagwerk, Dir. Dennis Kuhn

16.99 *

Sejourne, Emmanuel: Karnataka for Solo Marimba & Tape

Product no.: 044-3398

Karnataka for Solo Marimba & Tape - 9 Min.; 5-Oktav-Marimba, + CD; advanced


56.00 *

Bruns, Frank: 43 Drum Solos

Product no.: 021-356

43 Drum Solos - 104 S.; 43 Solos für Schlagzeug und Snare Drum, mehr als 420 vorbereitende Einzelübungen, 3 verschiedene Stufen: Einstieg, Mittel, Fortgeschrittene; Text deutsch

22.90 *

Sachs, Martin: Mein erster Pop-Song (Buch + CD)

Product no.: 024-1279

Mein erster Pop-Song (Buch + CD) - 48 pages, 8 easy songs to play-along for Drumset, with preliminary exercises; Text german

19.80 *

Alfred Music Playing Cards "Drumset Rhythms"

Product no.: 029-596

Alfred Music Playing Cards "Drumset Rhythms" - playing cards with rhythms of Rock, Jazz, Afro-Cuban/Brazilian and World Music; Text engl.

10.95 *

Alfred Music Playing Cards "International Drum Rudiments"

Product no.: 029-595

Alfred Music Playing Cards "International Drum Rudiments" - full deck of real playing cards representing different rudimental families: Roll Rudiments, Diddle Rudiments, Flam Rudiments, and Drag Rudiments; Text engl.

10.95 *

Rohema Groove Cubes

Product no.: 029-600

Rohema Groove Cubes - developed in collaboration with Philipp Borgmann, Set of 9 cubes, with which you can dice grooves and fills


19.90 *

Karas, Sperie: Drumset Groove Control

Product no.: 023-163

Drumset Groove Control - 124 pages; 100 Groove exercises including Odd Meters & Changing Meter Pieces; for beginning and advanced players, Text engl.

19.95 *

Mallets Schlagkraft Xylophone XTF-25

Product no.: 193-250

Mallets Schlagkraft Xylophone XTF-25 - Teflon head 25 mm, medium hard, rattan handle, total length 35 cm

here you can find other models of this series

39.00 / pair(s) *

Mallets Schlagkraft Glockenspiel GPO-25

Product no.: 193-255

Mallets Schlagkraft Glockenspiel GPO-25 - blue hard plastic head 25 mm, rattan handle, total length 32 cm, light

here you will find other models of this series

32.00 / pair(s) *

Steve Gadd Gaddiments

Product no.: 012-131

Gaddiments - 46 pages; Rudimental exercises for Snare Drum, according videos by Steve Gadd are available online; Text engl.

26.40 *

Philipzen, Matthias: Cajon Book

Product no.: 061-368

Cajon Book - 132 pages; Cajon used as drumset; ; Basics, Sounds, Movements, Grooves, Styles, Special sounds and many more; Text german

23.95 *

Mallets Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-10 Rattan

Product no.: 193-281R

Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-10 Rattan medium soft


here you find other models of this series

47.00 / pair(s) *

Milkov, Theodor: Four Mallets Method My Pianistic Approach

Product no.: 042-082

Four Mallets Method My Pianistic Approach - 187 pages; exercises and etudes for 4 mallets, pianistic approach, exercises on Practice Pad, Moeller Technique on Marimba, and more.; Text engl.

69.00 *

Stanislavski, Anthony: Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes

Product no.: 022-648

Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes - 80 pages; Understanding the Notation, Bulding Blocks, Styles (Jazz, Latin, Funk, etc.), Phrase Development, Tunes; Play-along-Tracks for download; Text engl.

44.00 *

Golinski, Tomasz: The Mirror for Solo Marimba

Product no.: 044-3385

The Mirror for Solo Marimba - 4 Min.; 5-Oktav-Marimba, 4 mallets; advanced

23.00 *

Amandi, Elisabeth: Garantiert Marimba lernen

Product no.: 041-064

Garantiert Marimba lernen - 240 S.; Methode für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene an Marimba, Xylophon und Vibraphon, für 2 Schlägel, mit 300 internationalen Songs und Konzertstücken vom einfachen Kinderlied zum virtuosen Hummelflug, Text deutsch; + MP3-CD mit 300 Songs

23.95 *

Herrmannsen, Sönke: Der Hohe Hut Schlagzeugschule Band 1-ü11 (Buch + CD)

Product no.: 021-350

Der Hohe Hut Schlagzeugschule Band 1-ü11 (Buch + CD) - 116 S.; Das Einsteigerbuch für Jugendliche und alle Erwachsenen; Open-Handed-Playing, Alle musikalischen Grundbegriffe, Notenlesen wie von selbst, Ohrentraining mit Spaß, Vorbereitung auf das Spielen in einer Band, auch geeignet für alle Überkreuzt-Drummer; Text deutsch

24.00 *

Richter, Bernhard: HAI "Light" für Stabspiele

Product no.: 041-063

HAI "Light" for mallet instruments - 64 pages; very easy mallet method for children from series "All you can drum", big notation, + 56 pages piano accompaniment; Text german


24.50 *

Nilles, Anika: Pad Book

Product no.: 012-129

Pad Book - 280 pages; drum technique using Practice Pad: Fundamental Workouts, Subdivision Stuies, Mixed Meters, Polyrhythms, Independance of hands, etc.; Text german

21.95 *

New Mallets SchlagKraft Zivkovic NJZ 4 Wood

Product no.: 193-274W

NJZ 4 Wood - blue strong general, Marimba, general (medium)

here you will find all models of Zivkovic Serie

59.00 / pair(s) *

Billmeier, Uschi: Mamady Keita - Ein Leben für die Djembe (Book + CD)

Product no.: 160-181

Mamady Keita - Ein Leben für die Djembe (Book + CD) - 120 p., re-issue, 6th edition of 2016

The fascination of the Djembé is the discovery of one´s own personality.
Mamady Keita and Uschi Billmeier explain the ethnical meaning of approximately 60 traditional rhythms of the Malinké, in addition to a selection of modern ones.
At the same time they give practical advice for teaching and learning these rhythms with the help of a notation , that is as ingenious as it is simple. Text: german

28.00 *

Aigner, Hermann: Trommelsafari Snare Drum Level 1

Product no.: 011-163

Trommelsafari Snare Drum Level 1 - Anfängerschule für Kinder ab 6 Jahren, für Einzel- und Gruppen-Unterricht, 46 Songs in je drei Tempi, Notenlernen mit Tiersilben, 40 groovige Koordinationsübungen, etc.; Text german

24.90 *

Bewimusic Mallet Practice Pad 3.0

Product no.: 200-013

Mallet Practice Pad 3.0 - PVC Plane, Size: 50 x 142,5 cm, Range: 3 octaves, 37 printed bars; for warm-up without sound, can be rolled on a desk or on the floor, delivery without mallets

Available in

  • Black and White and
  • Wood look


Also available: Mallet Practice Pad 4.3  and Mallet Practice Pad 5.0

30.00 *
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