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Product no.: 029-589

Drumgrooves der Pop Kultur Band 1 (Drumgrooves of pop culture Vol. 1) - 192 pages; 138 grooves of 110 drummers; Showcase of the most prominent, clever and creative grooves from 60 years of performance culture; with statements, photos and stories, recorded groove-extracts, from afrobeat to swag; text German

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Product no.: 061-362

The Berimbau (Book + CD + DVD) - 81 pages; Posture, basic technique, exercises, accompaniment, traditional toques, variations, songs, rhythms, odd meters, toques with 3 berimbaus, compositions for berimbau and other instruments; Text german / english / portuguese

35.95 *
Product no.: 029-588

5 Wege zur Musikalität (5 ways to musicality) - 202 pages + 70 pages Workbook; the guide for drummers; Inspiration, intention, interaction, improvisation, inner attitude; text German






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Product no.: 022-636

Double Bass Drumming Master - 100 pages; Drums trainig for advanced players: creativity and coordination in double bass drumming; text German


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Product no.: 061-361

The Great Method for Kalimba - 114 pages: detailed method for Kalimbas with 17 notes in C major, for beginners and advanced players, detailed introduction to the plucking technique and tuning, 70 pieces specially arranged for Kalimba with melody version, accompaniment version and instrumental versions; Sheet music and tabulature, German text; Audio and video examples online

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Product no.: 047-117

A little Christmas music for 1 mallet instrument and piano accompaniment - 10 well-known german Christmas carols, easily set for vibraphone (glockenspiel) and piano, 2 mallets; Alle Jahre wieder, Ihr Kinderlein kommet, Stille Nacht, O du fröhliche, etc.

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Product no.: 061-360

World of Rhythm (Book + MP3-CD) - 48 pages; 8 Sheets for Drum & Percussion Ensemble; simultaneous interaction for beginners and advanced players, for groups up to 8 players, no melody instruments; Text German; CD includes demo and play along tracks

19.80 *
Product no.: 011-165

The Snare Drummer's Toolbox from Row-Loff (Book + DVD) - 80 pages;  Snare Drum Method of 2009 from Row-Loff Productions; for Beginners, Text english; DVD with Video Lessons, Performance and Play-along Trax, 40 pages additional materials



20.75 *
Product no.: 035-128

Playground for the Beginner on the Timpani (with piano acc.) - 5 short pieces for 2 Timpani and Piano; easy; Audio / Video online

7.50 *
Product no.: 015-140

On the Meadow for the Beginner on the Snare Drum (mit Klavierbegleitung) - 5 short pieces for Snare Drum and Piano; easy; Audio / Video online

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Product no.: 064-393

Speaking Drums for Percussion Solo and Orchestra - Solo part - 23 Min.; Bass timpano · Marimba · Tubular bells · Cowbell · Trgl. · 8 Cymbals · 16' Crash cymbal · large chin. Cymbal with felt gliders · 3 small Gongs · 2 Tam Tams · small Field drum · 4 Tom toms · 5-6 large wood drum [Mokugyo or salad bowl] · Hi-Hat · 2 Woodbl. · 2 lion's roar · 4 freely selectable instruments: for example: Tom tom · Tam tam · Opera gong · Cymbal plate [The soloist also recites sound poems by Sándor Weöres and Jayadeva.]; advanced


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Product no.: 171-361

Carmen (2019) - 47'27 Min.; Bizet: Carmen Suite for 4 Marimbas; Ed Sheeran: Perfect for 4 Marimbas; Sting: Message in a Bottle for 4 Marimbas; Suzanne Vega: Gypsy for 4 Marimbas; Dorman: Udakrep Akubrad for Marimbas and Percussion; Wave Quartet, Marimbas and Percussion (Christoph Sietzen, Bogdan Bacanu, Emiko Uchiyama, Nico Gerstmayer)

18.95 *
Product no.: 035-127

Timpani Temptations for Timpani and Piano - Four driving pieces for two timpani with no re-tuning required within any of the pieces., with piano accompaniment; easy

19.50 *
Product no.: 160-181

Mamady Keita - Ein Leben für die Djembe (Book + CD) - 120 p., re-issue, 6th edition of 2016

The fascination of the Djembé is the discovery of one´s own personality.
Mamady Keita and Uschi Billmeier explain the ethnical meaning of approximately 60 traditional rhythms of the Malinké, in addition to a selection of modern ones.
At the same time they give practical advice for teaching and learning these rhythms with the help of a notation , that is as ingenious as it is simple. Text: german

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Product no.: 048-162

Eine kleine Weihnachtsmusik for Mallet-Duo - 10 well-known German Christmas carols, easily set for 2 mallet instruments, 2 mallets each; Alle Jahre wieder, Ihr Kinderlein kommet, Stille Nacht, O du fröhliche, etc.

13.00 *
Product no.: 016-238

5 Snaredrum Duette - 1'30 - 2 Min. each title; 4/4, 6/8, also felt mallets, Sticks, No.5 füo Marching Snares. Rimklick, Rim, Stick on Stick. Difficulty: easy to advanced

Demo #1

Demo #2

Demo #3

Demo #4

Demo #5

15.00 *
Product no.: 110-1027

Take on me für Percussion Ensemble (6-8 Spieler) - 3'30 Min.; Arrangement of the title from a-ha, for Glsp., Xylo, Marimba (2 players), Vibra, Drumset; + optional voices for timpani and percussion (ring-bangle, triangle, Windchimes); easy to intermediate


32.00 *
Product no.: 120-136

Under the Sea für Percussion Ensemble (7-9 Players) - 3'10 Min.; Arrangement of the title from the movie "The little mermaid", for Glsp., Xylo, Marimba (2 Players), Vibra, Drumset, Timbales, Cowbell; + optional voices for timpani and congas; easy to intermediate


32.00 *
Product no.: 012-124

Snare Book - 124 pages; Snare Drum Technique Exercises: Warm-Ups, Accents, Subdivisions, Ostinato, Independence, Coordination, Rudiments; with 12-page supplement with reading texts; text German

Snare Book - 124 pages; Snare Drum Technique Exercises: Warm-Ups, Accents, Subdivisions, Ostinato, Independence, Coordination, Rudiments; with 12-page supplement with reading texts; text English

21.95 *
Product no.: 178-522

Japanese Drums (2019) - 72 Min.; Japanese drum music played by Wadaiko Matsuriza, Joji Hirota, Kyoshindo, and others

11.00 *
Product no.: 171-360

Water & Spirit (2019) - Windsbacher Knabenchor, Simone Rubino (Percussion).

Walter: Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist
+Bach: Motette BWV 226 "Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf"
+Maurus: Veni creator spiritus
+Rubino: Born of Water
+Renner: Veni creator spiritus op. 34a
+Brahms: Motette op. 29 Nr. 2 "Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein rein Herz"
+Becker: Motette op. 37 Nr. 3 "Komm, heiliger Geist"
+Vogt: Psalm 31 "In deine Hände befehle ich meinen Geist"
+Schütz: Motette SWV 391 "Selig sind die Toten"
+Poulenc: Motette "Tenebrae facte sunt"
+Pepping: Motette "Jesus und Nikodemus"
+Reger: Motette op. 138 "Nachtlied"
+Busto: Pater noster
+Dun: Autumn & Winter aus Percussionkonzert "The Tears of Nature"; Water Spirit aus "Water Concerto" 

18.90 *
Product no.: 171-359

Pleiades (2019) - 48'24 Min.; DeciBells Percussion Ensemble: Adrian Romaniuc, David Gurtner, Robin Fourmeau, Sakiko Yasui, Szilard Buti, Till Lingenberg.

18.90 *
Product no.: 200-213

Hearsafe HS Fit 4 All Music - The Fit 4 All Music is a reusable standard ear protection, which was specially developed for musicians and concert / disco visitors. The used hearing protection filter provides a uniform attenuation over the entire frequency width and thus a safe and natural sound. The membrane allows a vented path to the inner ear and minimizes the occlusion effect. The filter has an attenuation of 19dB and can be easily changed between the two supplied earmolds, so that this product fits in (almost) all ears.

Color of the can at random!

24.90 *
Product no.: 045-470

Concerto Rustico for Marimba and String Orch. (Parts) - 3 Movements; Soloparts + Piano Reduction; 5-Octave-Marimba; for Marta Klimasara; on behalf of the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg for the 5th Marimba Competition 2008 in Stuttgart. Set of parts contains: 5 x Violin 1, 5 x Violin II, 3 x Viola, 3 x Violoncello, 2 x Double Bass; advanced

64.00 *
Product no.: 045-469

Concerto Rustico for Marimba and String Orch. (Score) - 3 Movements; conductor score; 5-octave Marimba; for Marta Klimasara; on behalf of the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg for the 5th Marimba Competition 2008 in Stuttgart; advanced

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Product no.: 045-422
Concerto Rustico for Marimba and String Orch. (Piano) - 3 movements; Solo + piano reduction; 5-Oktav-Marimba; written for Marta Klimasara ; im Auftrag des Ministeriums Baden-Württemberg; advanced
29.50 *
Product no.: 100-2032

Bolero for Percussion-Quintet - 5 Min.; Arrangement of the famous Bolero by Marcin Lemiszewski for Xylophon, Glockenspiel, Marimba (or Vibraphon), 2 Dnare Drums, Tom Tom, Cymbals, Gong; easy to intermediate

19.80 *
Product no.: 160-305

Handbuch der Drum Circle Facilitation - 100 S.; Taschenbuch; für alle, die rhythmusbasierte Events moderieren möchten, Auftragsklärung, praktische Ausführung, Struktur eines Drum Circles vom Drum Call bis zum Abschluss, etc.; enthält keine Rhythmen, nur Text (german)

19.80 *
Product no.: 061-359

Alles ist zum Trommeln da! (Book + DVD) - 116 pages; Rhythm and drum games with everyday objects for 6 to 10 year olds; 10 minutes of rhythm, circle games, canons, game pieces, relay games, performance pieces; text German

Youtube Video Clips:

Funny Trailer


Kein Schlaflied!

Nine, ten - once again! Wir sammeln Plastikflaschen

Alles ist zum Trommeln da! I Mein Platz, dein Platz

24.90 *
Product no.: 061-358

Body Hits für Kids (Book + CD/DVD) - 104 pages; 11 rousing Body Percussion-Actionsongs for 6-12 year old kids, simple symbol nation; Text german

Youtube Video Clips:


B-B-Bären-Boogie Version 1

Kein Schlaflied! Version 2

Are you ready? Version 2

24.90 *
Product no.: 061-357

Body Hits and Beats (Book + CD/DVD) - 104 pages; Body Percussion for Beginners, Advanced, Groups and Classes; Body Percussion-Sounds, Rhythms and Fills, Moves, 10 Body-Hits, 83 Video-Clips, 5 exercise loops, 20 Play-alongs. Text german

Youtube Video Clips:


Klatsch-Übung 1


Happy Hands

Rhythm Dance

Downtown Funk

24.90 *
Product no.: 061-356

Orff Jams - 80 pages; 8 diatonic Orff ensemble pieces from the "Kendor Classroom Music Series". Soprano-, Alto-, Basso-Xylophon, Glockenspiel, Metallophone, Shaker, Cowbell, Guiro, Congas, Maracas, etc.; easy


35.00 *
Product no.: 014-2064

Intermediate Solos for Snare Drum - 22pages.; 10 short solo pieces, easy to intermediate


15.00 *
Product no.: 049-0042

Triptico, 3 Preludes for 3 Percussionists - 8'30 Min.; Preludes to Xenakis' Okho, Psappha and Persephassa. Glockenspiel, Metal Chimes, Aluphone (or Vibra), 3 Vibraphone, 3 Marimbas, Crotales, 3 suspended Cymbals; advanced

21.00 *
Product no.: 044-3378

Fortaleza for Marimba Solo - 6 Min.; 4 mallets, 5-octave-Marimba; advanced


13.00 *
Product no.: 023-161

77 Groove Etudes for Big and Small Drum Set Starters (Book + MP3-CD) - 88 pp .; 77 drumset etudes, easy to medium; Text German; MP3-CD with 31 of the Etudes as audio samples

24.80 *
Product no.: 042-080

Sequential Studies for Four-Mallet Marimba Level 2 "The Heart of the Chorale" - 96 pages; Technique exercises, études and solo pieces for advanced 4-mallet technique; Focus on chorales play, Text engl., edited by Brian Tate

look inside

Soundcloud: Watcher Of The Skies (Tracy Thomas; from Sequential Studies - Book 2)

25.75 *
Product no.: 047-116

Mallets on Stage for Solo Vibraphone with Piano Accompaniment - 7 short pieces, 2 mallets, easy to intermediate; plus optional Flute

26.00 *
Product no.: 049-0041

Furioso and Valse for Marimba Trio - 5'20 Min.; the famous solo arranged for trio by Claudio Santangelo; 2 5-octave marimbas, vibbraphone; intermediate to advanced

Click here to view full performance by Claudio Santangelo (YouTube)

29.00 *
Product no.: 048-494

Ameline Duo for Marimba and Vibra - 4 Min.; Arrangement of the solo title for Duo Marimba and Vibraphone; advanced

38.00 *
Product no.: 070-272

La Festa Per Due pour deux percussionistes - 3 Min.; 4 Tom-Toms, 2 Snare Drums, 2 pairs of Claves; intermediate

17.00 *
Product no.: 049-1083

Mallet Quartet (Score + Parts) - 15 Min.; for 2 marimbas with 5 octaves and 2 vibraphones with 3 octaves, Glockenspiel; advanced



39.50 *
Product no.: 045-468Solo

Concerto per Marimba e Orchestra d'archi (Red. Marimba and Piano) - 3 Movements, commissioned by the SAMRO Foundation Artscape National Youth Music Competition 2014; advanced

49.90 *
Product no.: 045-468Score

Concerto per Marimba e Orchestra d'archi (Orchestral Score) - 3 Movements, commissioned by the SAMRO Foundation Artscape National Youth Music Competition 2014; advanced; String parts available on request

34.90 *
Product no.: 045-158

#2Mallets, 20 Miniatures for marimba or xylophone with accompanying voice - 20 short titles, for 2 mallets; Accompanying voice playable on marimba or piano; easy

Soundcloud Happy Hiking

Soundcloud March of the Armadillos

Soundcloud Grandma's Waltz

Soundcloud Frog Pond

19.95 *
Product no.: 021-343

Easy Drum Beats & Fills - 40 pages; for beginners, 30 simpke and fun beats to play on your drumset; Text engl., includes Online Audio, Video and Metronome!

11.80 *
Product no.: 070-418

Spaghetti junction for Percussion Duo - commissoned by the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg 2009. 5 Tom-Toms, Bongos, Timbales, 2 chinese opera gongs, 2 china crash cymbals, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Vibraslap, Ratsche, Sirene, Autohupe, Radio, Trillerpfeife; advanced

29.00 *
Product no.: 061-337

Afro-Cuban Rhythms Complete Edition - 32 pages, formerly 2 volumes, now both in a notebook, paperback, 2-bar rhythms for congas and percussion: Volume 1: Son clave, Yambu, Guaguanco, Rumba, Conga. Volume 2: Bembe, Makuta, Yuka, Palo, Arara, Abakua, Gaga, Vudu, Iyesa; Text engl.

11.50 *
Product no.: 045-2062

Ragtime Xylophone Vol. 2 with marimba and/or piano (Book + CD) - 6 Ragtimes: A Bag of Rags, Aviation Rag, Chicken Charlie, Dixie Kisses, Noodles, Rig-A-Ma-Role Rag; 2 Mallets, Versions with piano accompaniment or 1 or 2 marimbas as accompaniment; CD contains practice accompaniment in different tempi; intermediate

52.00 *
Product no.: 044-3377

Sevilla for Marimba Solo - 6'30 Min.; arangement of the piano title for 5-octave marimba by Tyler Tolles; advanced




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