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Röttger, Martin: Studies for Cajon (Book + online audio)

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Studies for Cajon (Book + online audio) - 66 p.; engl. edition of "Cajon - Anleitung zum Selbststudium"; technique, exercises, grooves, breaks, play-alongs; Text engl.


Don't want to lug a entire drum kit on stage? Want to play unplugged without drowning out your band mates? The Cajon, the smallest drum kit in the world, is the perfect powerful accompaniment instrument to any kind of band, be it blues, hip hop, boogie or rock - providing a full snare and rich bass sound, amplified or acoustic.

This book provides beginners with a step-by-step introduction to this little box, called Cajon. You'll not only find all important back-up information (history, instrument-building), you'll also learn how to play rock, pop and Latin grooves. Enclosed you'll find a CD containing sound examples to the respective exercises to help you practice and control the sound you make. The CD also includes play along-tracks, allowing you to test your skills under realistic conditions.




The Cajon
History of the Cajon
The Modern Cajon
Types of Cajon

About the Instrument
What's lnside the Cajon?
Damping the Interior
Adjusting the Front Panel Screws
Changing the Tension of the Strings
Modifying the Strings in the Cajon
Cajons with Snare Strainer
Playing Position
What Size Cajon?
Tilting the Cajon
Where to Strike the Cajon

Playing Techniques
The Basic Strokes / Sounds
The Tone
Ihe Bass
The Tap
The Slap

A couple of explanations
Length of notes and rests
The different time signatures

How the different strokes ore nototed
The Tone
The Bass
The Tap
The Slap

Useful Exercises
Basic exercises, getting a good sound
The staggered bass
The staggered tone
The staggered slap
Accentuation, staggered accentuation
Basic rhythmic exercises in 4/4
Basic rhythmic exercises in 3/4
Basic rhythmic exercises in 2/4
Basic triplet exercises

Groove Variations
One bar pop/rock grooves in 4/4
Two bar grooves in 4/4
One bar grooves with eighth beat variations
Two bar grooves in 3/4

Grooves with Breaks
Break combinations
Grooves & breaks

lntroductory remarks
CD track listing
Tennessee Blues (trad. / arr. Schell / Röttger)
Bossa Guitarra (Felix Schell)
Parlez-vous "Cajon"? (Schell / Röttger)


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