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Drumming Facts, Tips and Warm-Ups (Buch + CD) - 72 S.; Taschenbuchformat, Aufw‰rm¸bungen mit Rudiments und Rolls; Tipps zu Auswahl von Stˆcken, Fellen u. Becken; Trommel stimmen; Arbeit mit Metronom u.a., Text engl. **erweiterte Neuausgabe von "15-Minute Warm-Ups for Drums"



Chapter 01: Basic Points Chapter 02: Tuning the Drum Chapter 03: Drumheads Chapter 04: Drumsticks, Etc. Chapter 05: Smoothing Out the Long Roll Chapter 06: Rolling in Meter Chapter 07: Drumset Concepts Chapter 08: Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Chapter 09: Cymnals Chapter 10: The Groove Chapter 11: The Small Set Chapter 12: The Drum Rudiments Chapter 13: The Jazz Instrument Chapter 14: Practice Techniques Chapter 15: Warm-Ups

All drummers, from the very beginner to the working professional, will at one time or another experience certain 'gaps' in their education or drum knowledge. Drumming Facts, Tips and Warm-Ups is a book written to fill-in these 'gaps'. It is not a book filled with exercises but one filled with information that all drummers inevitably seek out. This book gives the drummer advice about everything from tensioning and tuning the drums, selecting drumsticks, drumheads and cymbals to playing a groove, working with a metronome, playing rolls correctly and in meter, bass drum and hi-hat techniques, practicing tips and warm-up exercises. Whatever the reader's level of drumming expertise, this book will have something of value. Companion CD included.
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