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Product no.: 193-621R
Ney Rosauro M221R - for Marimba. Soft. For rich bass and well defined fundamental in the lower register. With rattan shafts. L = 16 3/4”
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Product no.: 193-611

Mallets Firth M39 "Ed Saindon" - medium-hard, Rattan, with black Yarn wrapped, Length: 41,37 cm, for Vibra and Marimba

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62.00 / pair(s) *
Product no.: 193-622R
Ney Rosauro M222R - for Marimba;Medium Soft. Produces a warm and round sound while maintaining clear articulation. With rattan shafts. L = 16 3/4"
51.66 / pair(s) *
Product no.: 193-623R

Ney Rosauro M223R - for Marimba;Medium Hard. A versatile and general mallet that produces full and natural sound throughout the entire keyboard. With rattan shafts.

53.00 / pair(s) *
Product no.: 193-628R

Ney Rosauro M228R - for Vibra and Marimba;rattan shaft; General. An all purpose mallet for rich, full sound on any keyboard. L = 16 1/4"

61.00 / pair(s) *
Product no.: 193-629R

Ney Rosauro M229R - for Vibra and Marimba;rattan shaft; Very Hard. A very articulate and extremely powerful mallet. L = 16 1/4"

49.00 / pair(s) *

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