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Drumset methods G-H

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Product no.: 022-488
Steve Gadd Transcriptions - 106 S.; Drumset Transcriptions of Steve Gadd Grooves and Solos by Krzysztof Filipski
27.95 *
Product no.: 022-141
Up Close (Buch + CD) - 32 Pages, Buch zum gleichn. Video; ausgeschriebenes Solo, Drum Corps, Rudiments, Jazz/R & B, Studio Playing, Chart Reading, Samba, Slow Groove.
29.90 *
Product no.: 022-511
Creative Brazilian Drumming (Book + CD) - 28 P.; Übungen und Rhythmen zu Baiao, Maracatu, Frevo und Samba; mit Play-along-Tracks; Text engl.
13.95 *
Product no.: 022-213
Future Sounds (Buch + CD) - 64 Seiten, Technik im Funk/Jazz Fusion Stil für Fortgeschrittene, Four-Bar Patterns, Groove Playing, Funk Drumming, 17 Permutation Studies, 15 Groove Studies, Text engl.
22.95 *
Product no.: 022-253
Timba Funk Talking Drums (Buch + CD) - 85 S.; Buch zum Video "Talking Drums"; 3 kompl. Songs f. Drums + 2 Perc., auch zum Mitspielen auf CD; versch. Rhythmen wie Guiro, Bembe, Rumba, Mozambique u.a.; Text engl.
29.90 *
Product no.: 022-433
Groove Box für Drumset - 176 S.; für Anf. u. Fortgeschr.; Fundus an Rhythmen f. die tägliche Arbeit des Drummers; Binär, ternär, Linear, Funk, Fusion, Shuffle, Swing, u.v.a., Text deutsch.
29.80 *
Product no.: 022-073

Technikübungen für Schlagzeug und Percussion Heft 1 - 39 Seiten, Technik-Studien als "Warmups", Rudiments, Handsatz- und Unabhängigkeitsübungen, Vorschläge, Wirbel, Anwendungsbeispiele für Drumset

10.00 *

out of print!

Product no.: 021-114
Drum Basics Steps One & Two (Buch + CD) - 40 S.; Schulwerk nach dem gleichn. Video aus der Serie "Ultimate Beginners"; einfache Rock- u. Blues-Beats, Drum Fills, Warm-Up, 2 Play-along-Titel; Text engl.
11.50 *
Product no.: 022-559

Bigband Drumming (Book+CD+DVD) - 48 P.; Ein Praxis-Lehrgang mit Video-Tutorial für Schlagzeuger, Bandleader und Arrangeure. 50 Min. Audio-Material, ca. 90 Min. Video-Material; Text german


41.00 *
Product no.: 022-543
Popular Styles for Drumset (Buch + CD + DVD) - 48 S.; Groove-Training Bossa, Cha-Cha, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Salsa, Samba. Lernvideo u. Band-Arrangements; Übe-Tracks, Play-alongs, produziert mit Live-Instrumenten; Text deutsch.
39.90 *
Product no.: 022-596

Popular Styles for Drumset 2 (Book + CD + DVD) - 48 pages; Groove-Training Country, Rock, Reggae, Gospel, Blues Shuffle, New Orleans. Lernvideo u. Band-Arrangements; Übe-Tracks, Play-alongs, produziert mit Live-Instrumenten; Text german.


39.90 *
Product no.: 023-161

77 Groove Etudes for Big and Small Drum Set Starters (Book + MP3-CD) - 88 pp .; 77 drumset etudes, easy to medium; Text German; MP3-CD with 31 of the Etudes as audio samples

24.80 *
Product no.: 022-254
Das große Besenbuch (Buch + CD) - 60 S.; kreative Besentechniken f. alle Stile, f. Anf. u. Fortgeschr., Wischbewegungen durch farbige Diagramme dargestellt; Koordinations- u. Leseüb. f. Grooves u. Fills; Hörbeispiele, Groove-Tracks u. Play-along-S
22.90 *
Product no.: 022-505
Jazztraining (Book + DVD) - 192 S.; Lehr- und Spielbuch für Jazz Drumset; übungen f. Anfänger u. Fortgeschr, kreative Comping- & Fill-In Konzepte; High End Exercises f. Profis u.a.; Text dt.
38.00 *
Product no.: 023-108
Pocketgroove - Rhythm Organizer - aufwendig gefertigte Drehscheiben zum Erzeugen von über 25000 Grooves aus Pop, Reggae, House, Hiphop, Funk, Metal, Swing u.a.; Session- und Übungstrainer f. Schlagzeuger
19.90 *
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Product no.: 022-114

Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass & Drums (Buch + CD) - Funkifying the Clave - 63 Seiten, Patterns und Rhythmen: Clavé, Tumbao, Songo, Guaguanco, Cha-Cha, Mozambique; Text englisch; mit 6 Play-along-Titeln auf 90-Min.-CD

Designed for drummers and bass players, this book/CD lays out a step-by-step approach to combining Afro-Cuban rhythms with rock, funk and jazz.

35.90 *
Product no.: 022-581

Drums Technique: Phrasing - 100 P.; advanced Rudiments for Creative Drumming; from "Berkle Press" series; Video/Audio Access online; Text engl.

20.95 *
Product no.: 022-340
Hip Pockets: Developing Rock Drum Fills - 32 S.; 2-taktige Fills
8.00 *
Product no.: 022-334
Hip Pockets: Developing Your Own Jazz Feel - 32 S.; 2-taktige Grooves, Besentechnik, Spielen in der Band; Text engl.
9.00 *
Product no.: 022-623

Analyzing Gospel Chops - 104 pp.; 50 transcriptions of gospel fills by drummers like Aaron Spears, Chris Coleman, Tony Royster, etc., as well as a devised concept of his own fills in authentic style; text German

22.95 *
Product no.: 022-436

New Ways of Brazilian Drumming (Buch + CD) - 110 pages

New Ways of Brazilian Drumming presents a contemporary vision regarding Brazilian rhythms for drumset, including history and percussion scores of those rhythms, from the traditional patterns to the new concept of “Brazilian Claves” The 96 tracks CD showcases all rhythms and several exercises, besides a samba and a maracatu play-along, providing everything a musician of any country needs in order to develop an authentic Brazilian musical language.

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Product no.: 022-501
Drumming in the Style of Modern Jazz Masters (Buch + MP3-CD) - 66 S.; Time Studies & Solo Phrases im Stile von Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Jack DeJohnette; Text engl.
19.95 *
Product no.: 021-337

Der Hohe Hut Schlagzeugschule Band 1 (Buch + CD) - 116 S.; für Kinder, große Notenschrift, Open-Handed-Playing oder "Überkreuzt", Text german; 229 Play-along in beiden Bänden auf MP3-CD oder als Download

24.00 *
Product no.: 022-379

Advanced Jazz Drumset (DVD) - DVD mit 3 Seiten Notenbeilage; für Fortgeschrittene , Text engl.


This third DVD in the Jazz Drumming Series by Danny Gottlieb provides the student with many advanced exercises, study tips, and performance ideas. This jam packed study guide provides information and inspiration designed to help the student strive toward the professional performance level.

11.00 *
Product no.: 021-338

Der Hohe Hut Schlagzeugschule Band 2 (Book + CD) - 138 S.; für Kinder, große Notenschrift, Open-Handed-Playing oder "Überkreuzt", Text german; 229 Play-along in beiden Bänden auf MP3-CD oder als Download

24.00 *
Product no.: 022-384

Advanced Rock Drumset (DVD) - DVD mit 3 Seiten Notenbeilage; für Fortgeschrittene, Text engl.

Designed as part three in the Danny’s Rock Drumming series, master drummer Danny Gottlieb discusses and demonstrates challenging rock patterns and exercises, designed to help drummers achieve their advancing musical goals. Complete with a 66-minute DVD and exercise chart.

11.00 *
Product no.: 022-378

Intermediate Jazz Drumset (DVD) - DVD mit 3 Seiten Notenbeilage; mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad , Text engl.

Designed to follow Jazz Drumset Basics, this second DVD by Grammy Award winning drummer Danny Gottlieb provides comprehensive exercises and examples, enabling the jazz drum student to progress to a higher performance level. Complete with exercise chart.

12.00 *
Product no.: 022-383

Intermediate Rock Drumset (DVD) - DVD mit 3 Seiten Notenbeilage; mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad, Text engl.

This second Rock Drumming DVD from drum great Danny Gottlieb continues the rock drumming series with intermediate exercises and patterns for the drum kit. Designed to follow Rock Drumset Basics, Danny's informative narration and examples will enable the drummer to grow to the next level. Complete with exercise chart. 64-minute DVD.

12.00 *
Product no.: 022-377

Jazz Drumset Basics (DVD) - DVD mit 3 Seiten Notenbeilage; für Anfänger, Text engl.

Jazz drumming great Danny Gottlieb provides an easy to follow, step by step starting point for the jazz drum student. Whether you are a beginner or a drummer looking to add additional skills and development, this DVD and exercise sheet will provide inspiration and information to cover the basics.

12.00 *
Product no.: 022-382

Rock Drumset Basics (DVD) - DVD mit 3 Seiten Notenbeilage; für Anfänger, Text engl.

Learn the basics of rock drumming from one of the greats! Grammy Award winning drummer Danny Gottlieb demonstrates concepts and exercises designed to develop skills essential to rock drumming. Entertaining, informative, and complete with exercise chart, this 65-minute DVD will inspire all drummers, ranging from the absolute beginner to players with a desire to improve their skills.

11.00 *
Product no.: 011-147

Basics drum book for the novice band 1-162 Pages; easy drum-method for children, large notation; also first exercises for drum set; Text German.

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Product no.: 022-482

Big Band Drumming (Buch + 2 CDs) - 116 p.; new edition of 2019; comprehensive guide; Big Band Fills, Colours, Brushes, Notation, Big Band Charts, u.a.; Text engl./dt.

45.95 *
Product no.: 022-181
Rick's Licks (Buch + CD) for Drumset - erweiterte Neuausgabe mit CD; 68 S., Patterns, Solos, Polyrhythmik, Improvisations-Konzepte u.a.; für Fortgeschrittene, Text engl.
30.95 *
Product no.: 022-537

The Language Of Drumming  - 96 pages; System for musical expression; Warm-Ups, Snare and Pad Exercises, Drumset Letters, Words, Syntax, Advanced Language, etc.; Text engl., online audio and video for streaming or download

34.00 *
Product no.: 022-446
Drum Action – Classic Rock Grooves (Buch + CD) - 92 S.; exercises and grooves for Shuffle, Halftime-Shuffle, Reggae, Hip-Hop; + Play-along-Titeln; Text deutsch.
14.95 *
Product no.: 022-349

Carola Grey's Drumworkshop (Buch + CD) - 94 S.; Rhythmus entdecken, Sicherheit entwickeln, Kreativität entfalten; für Fortgeschr., Text dt.

19.95 *

no longer available, out of print

Product no.: 022-562

Extreme Metal Drumming (Book + CD) - 104 P.; Double-Bass, Blast Beat, Speed, Endurance, Metal Fills, Groove Studies, Hi-Speed Foot Patterns, Song Examples; Text engl.


18.50 *
Product no.: 021-264

Max und die Trommelbande  - 144 S.; for beginners, Schlagzeugbuch für Kinder, mit Play-alongs als Download; Text deutsch

19.95 *
Product no.: 022-578

Dubstep Drumming (Book + MP3-CD) - 76 P.; how to apply today's programmed grooves to the drumset; Text engl.

15.50 *
Product no.: 022-597

Jazz Drumming - 144 Pages; from the "Musicians Institute"-Series: how to apply your vocabulary to Drumkit in a musical fashion; audio access included; Text engl.

20.95 *
Product no.: 021-024

Elementar Percussion V Drumset - 110 S., für Anfänger mit Begleitmusiken (Klavier), Spielstücken, Ensembles, etc., sowie einer 60-Min.-Begleitcassette dazu: Elementar Percussion Lehrerhandbuch

29.95 *

no longer available, out of print

Product no.: 022-435
Odd Meter Clave for Drumset (Buch + CD) - 78 pages

Expanding the Rhythmic Language of Cuba

Odd Meter Clave for Drumset uses a unique approach to odd time signatures, taking the tried and tested rhythms of Cuba and adjusting them to fit various meters. Beginning with an in depth study of the various claves and their qualities, moving on to the basic rhythms in 4/4 which are the templates for their odd meter counterparts.

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24.95 *
Product no.: 022-516
Rhythmic Reading for Drummers (Buch + CD) - 58 S.; rhythmische Leseübungen am Drumset, Text engl.
21.95 *
Product no.: 022-608

Exploring your creativity on the Drumset - 88 pages; Dynamics, Rate, Orchestration, Phrasing, etc.; Text engl., Online Video Access

26.50 *
Product no.: 021-159

Children's Beat - 49 S.; Anfängerschule für Drumset für Kinder ab 7 Jahren, viele kurze Spielstücke; Text deutsch.

0.00 *

no longer available out of print

Product no.: 022-602

Coordination Bits Vol. 1 - 26 Pages; Phrasing variations that result from combinations of all four extremities; Text engl./german

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21.50 *
Product no.: 022-385
Input Output Innovation am Schlagzeug - 71 S.; Rudiments, Übungen zu Hand-Fuß-Koordination, Timing, Grooves, Beats, Improvisation, Doublebass, u.a.; Text dt.
19.95 *
Product no.: 022-443
Broken Eighth Note Feel - 54 S.; rhythms in eighth, Text engl.
25.90 *
Product no.: 022-442
The Beat, The Body & The Brain II - 70 p.; odd meters: 6/4, 5/4, 7/4, Fill Ideas, u.a.; Text engl.
15.00 *
Product no.: 022-324
World Fusion Drumming (Buch + CD) - 64 S.; Rhythmic Concepts Using the Beat, the Body and the Brain; Verbindung von Feeling aus Rock, Latin und World Music mit Technik u. Improvisation des Jazz.
25.95 *
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