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New Walden, Narada Michael: Drumming, Spirit and Music

Product no.: 029-609

Drumming, Spirit and Music - 238 pages; biographical, historical and educational book on the drumming of Narada Michael Walden by Aubrey Dayle; 10 songs note-for-note transcriptions; Text engl.

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34.50 *

New Friedman, David: Lyrical Studies for The Contemporary Vibraphonist

Product no.: 043-089

Lyrical Studies for The Contemporary Vibraphonist - 38 pages; 12 solos and etudes for Vibraphone; Phrasing, Pedaling, focus on lyrical playing; intermediate/advanced


38.00 *

New CD Nunoya, Fumito: Marimba Prayers

Product no.: 171-380

Marimba Prayers (2024) - Compositions of: Heng Liu, J.S.Bach, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Golinski, Albert, Arlen, Morricone, Piazzolla u.a.

Fumito Nunoya, Solo Marimba

16.90 *

New Eng, Joey: Square One for Marimba Solo

Product no.: 044-3425

Square One for Marimba Solo - 7 Min.; 5-Oktav-Marimba, 4 mallets; 


Square One is a challenging marimba solo that showcases a performer’s virtuosity and endurance. The piece is built upon a singular rhythmic pattern

33.00 *

New Burton, Gary: Learning to Listen: The Jazz Journey of Gary Burton

Product no.: 042-089

Learning to Listen: The Jazz Journey of Gary Burton - 386 pages.; an Autobiography of 2013; Text engl.

42.50 *

New Abe, Keiko: My Marimba Works

Product no.: 042-088

My Marimba Works - An Approach to Interpretation and Expression - 244 pages; 69 published works including solos, concerti, marimba duos, marimba ensembles, as well as works for marimba with percussion ensembles, orchestras, and wind ensembles are discussed in detail with insightful interpretive concepts and helpful technical suggestions by the composer, Editors: Eri Yamashita & Michael Udow; Text engl.

42.50 *

New Humphrey,Ralph/Porcaro,Joe: Playing Techniques - Book 1

Product no.: 022-669

Playing Techniques for Contemporary Drum Set Skills Book 1 - 96 pages; Book 1 of a 4-volume drum set curriculum; accompanying videos available for download; Text engl.

26.40 *

New Drum sticks Rohema RAC White

Product no.: 191-855

Rohema RAC White - Allan Craig Signature Marching Stick, Hard Maple, lacquered, acorn tip, 405 x 18,3mm

16.90 / pair(s) *

New Mallets Malletech Chien Chien Lu CCL-13

Product no.: 193-159

Malletech Chien Chien Lu CCL-13 - for Vibraphone, medium hard, big, heavy head, short Rattan-handle  34 cm

79.00 / pair(s) *

New Kopetzki, Eckhard: Groove Box for Drumset

Product no.: 025-278

Groove Box for Drumset - 10 Soli in different Styles; intermediate

13.80 *

New Rohwer, Nils: New African Dance for Percussion Quartet

Product no.: 090-1049

New African Dance for Percussion Quartet - 4 Min.; Relaunch from the Trio African Dance as a Quartet. Marimba, 4,3 oct. 3 Woodblocks, Djembe, Bongo, Shaker Cowbell, Talking Drum or Berimbau Easy to medium playing grade 4 min.

20.00 *

New Brenner, Jochen: Sonata for Timpani

Product no.: 034-452

Sonate für Pauken - 3 Movements; 5 Pauken + 1 Crotale in c, 1 Cymbal, 1 Superball, 1 bow; advanced

10.70 *

Grund, Manuel: Gustavs Trommelschule Band 1

Product no.: 011-168

Gustavs Trommelschule Band 1 - Schlagzeugschule für Anfänger, enthält Etüden und Duos, dazu 2 Begleithefte für Melodieinstrument in C und Klavier/Marimba/Drumset-Begleitung; Text deutsch

14.90 *

Owens Jr., Ulysses: Jazz Big Band for the Modern Drummer

Product no.: 022-667

Jazz Big Band for the Modern Drummer - 112 pages; The difference between combo versus big band drumming, Standard and modern big band grooves, Big band chart vocabulary, Orchestrating on the drum kit, Choosing the right gear, Auditioning for high school and college big bands, includes access to audio tracks online; Text engl.

37.50 *

Tomasin, Barbara/Fiorin, Dimitri: Timpanista all'Opera Vol. 1

Product no.: 050-106

Timpanista all'Opera Vol. 1 - 74 pages; timpani parts of 3 operas byVerdi: Traviata, Ernani, Don Carlos; edited and adapted to the possibilities of modern pedal timpani; Text italian/english

57.90 *

Sejourne, Emmanuel: Elyl & Tap for Marimba and Tape

Product no.: 044-3422

Elyl & Tap for Marimba and Tape - 7 Min.; a tribute to Lyle Mays and Pat Metheny; advanced


38.90 *

Kiedaisch, Michael: 8 Short Stories for Solo Vibraphone

Product no.: 046-568

8 Short Stories for Solo Vibraphone - 20 pages; 14 min., 8 short titles, different styles, 4 mallets, advanced

Youtube-Video Part 1

Youtube-Video Part 2

14.00 *

Flans, Robyn: Moments in Time - Jeff Porcaro Stories

Product no.: 029-608

Moments in Time - Jeff Porcaro Stories - 364 pages; Geschichten über Jeff Porcaro, Text engl.

This second volume on the life and music of legendary drummer Jeff Porcaro contains stories and insights from dozens of music business luminaries as well as dozens of never-before-seen photographs.

31.99 *

Steinbauer, Johannes: ABSOLUTION for Vibraphone Solo

Product no.: 046-567

ABSOLUTION for Vibraphone Solo - 13 Min.; 4 mallets, advanced


29.95 *

Schmid, Sebastian: ONECajon

Product no.: 061-376

ONECajon - 44 pages, The pop/rock method for cajon - ideal as a supplement to drumset lessons, Text english/deutsch

29.90 *

Schmid, Sebastian: SOLOCajon

Product no.: 061-377

SOLOCajon – 20 pages; 15 pop/rock solos for cajon - with increasing levels of difficulty; Text english/deutsch

19.90 *

Karas, Sperie: A Tribute to Charley

Product no.: 013-143

A Tribute to Charley - 64 S.; 50 Rudimental Solos als Hommage an Charley Wilcoxon, mittel bis schwer, auch ungerade Taktarten und Jazz-Feeling; Text englisch/german

14.95 *

Schmid, Sebastian: The Four Etudes for Audition Presentation

Product no.: 050-103

The Four Etudes for Audition Presentation - for Orchestral Auditions: Tambur-Ille for Tambourine, Tre-Angoli for Triangle, Cymba-Line for cymbal pair, Double-Pack for Bass Drum with mounted cymbal




12.00 *

Weitzel, Arend: Pauken Basics

Product no.: 032-032

Pauken Basics - 32 pages; very basics of timpani playing: posture, sound production, mallet grips, mallet guidance and direction as well as playing on 2 and 4 timpani; Text german/english

19.80 *

Nickel, Jost: Beginner Book for Drumset

Product no.: 021-360

Beginner Book for Drumset - 144 S.; für Anfänger, Grooves, Fills, Duette, Ghostnotes, Cross Stick, Rimshots u.a.; + Audio files online; Text deutsch

from 24.95 *

Alfred Music Playing Cards "International Drum Rudiments"

Product no.: 029-595

Alfred Music Playing Cards "International Drum Rudiments" - full deck of real playing cards representing different rudimental families: Roll Rudiments, Diddle Rudiments, Flam Rudiments, and Drag Rudiments; Text engl.

10.95 *

Alfred Music Playing Cards "Drumset Rhythms"

Product no.: 029-596

Alfred Music Playing Cards "Drumset Rhythms" - playing cards with rhythms of Rock, Jazz, Afro-Cuban/Brazilian and World Music; Text engl.

10.95 *

Rohema Groove Cubes

Product no.: 029-600

Rohema Groove Cubes - developed in collaboration with Philipp Borgmann, Set of 9 cubes, with which you can dice grooves and fills


19.90 *

Carman, Tim: Philly-ISM

Product no.: 022-666

Philly-ISM - 224 pages; methode about drumming of Philly Joe Jones, 18 Solos, Paradiddle sticking, Permutations, Orchestration, Subdivision and much more; Audio Tracks Online Download; Text english


30.90 *

Fries, Axel: Fandango for Mallet Duet

Product no.: 048-2051

Fandango for Mallet Duet - for Vibrafon/Marimba Duo with Drums and Percussion optional, 12er Buleria Groove; intermediate

20.00 *

Weber, Lars: Zwei Drumsolos Swing/Rock

Product no.: 025-276

Two Drumsolos Swing/Rock - Swing Liner/Jazz, Richi Rich/Rock; intermediate


12.00 *

Renz, Fabian: Pipe Band Drumming

Product no.: 012-138

Pipe Band Drumming - 136 S.; Schottisch trommeln für Anfänger, Rhythmus, Noten und Technik, Hörbeispiele, Playbacks und Videos, Slow Air und March, Standard und Competition Tunes; Text deutsch

29.90 *

Rosauro, Ney: Ney Rosauro Song Book for Vibraphone Vol. 1

Product no.: 046-566

Ney Rosauro Song Book for Vibraphone Vol. 1 - 36 pages; 16 Solo titles based on themes from Rosauro's main concerti and other works; intermediate to advanced

Video-Clip 1

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Video-Clip 3

Video-Clip 4

32.00 *

The Beatles for Xylophone

Product no.: 044-1036

The Beatles for Xylophone - 56 pages; 25 arrangements using 2 or 3 mallets, easy to intermediate;  

24.99 *

Buck, Philipp: TAKATIKI Schlagzeug spielen leicht gemacht

Product no.: 021-366

TAKATIKI Schlagzeug spielen leicht gemacht - 48 S.; für Kinder von 5-8 Jahren, graphische Notation mit Farben und Symbolen; Text deutsch

16.00 *

Gershwin, George: Prelude III for 4 players on 1 marimba

Product no.: 049-1087

Prelude III for 4 players on 1 marimba - 2 Min.; 4 players on one 5-Oktav-Marimba; arranged by Martin Oprsal); intermediate

17.00 *

CD Klein, Leonie: Chattering Birds

Product no.: 171-379

Chattering Birds (2023) - 74 Min.; Peter Eötvös: Speaking Drums für Percussion solo +Vinko Globokar: Dialog über Erde für Percussion solo +Sara Glojnaric: Latitudes Nr. 2 für Drumset & Tape +Dai Jujikura: Chattering Birds für 2 Percussionisten +Ursula Mamlok: Variations and Interludes für Percussion solo +Toshio Hosokawa: Windscapes für 2 Percussionisten +Uros Rojko: Ritem Koze (The rhythm of skin) für 2 Percussionisten. Leonie Klein, Isao Nakamura, Percussion

Video-Sample 1

Video-Sample 2

18.90 *

Safri Duo: Baya Baya for Percussion Ensemble

Product no.: 090-2101

Baya Baya for Percussion Ensemble (Quartet/Sextet) - 5'50 Min.; arrangement of Dance-Music-Tracks by Benjamin Leuschner for Quartet or Sextett: Drumset, 2 Floor Toms, Marimba, Vibra, Glsp., 3 Roto-Toms, Congas oder Bongos, Ocean Drum, Susp.Cymbal, 2 Shaker, Claves; intermediate


25.90 *

Schilter, Toni: DrumBook - Tonis Trommelbuch

Product no.: 021-364

DrumBook - Tonis Trommelbuch - 122 S.; Anfänger-Drumsetschule, für Kinder, Text deutsch

35.00 *

Weitzel, Arend: Einspielen Aufwärmen Üben für Pauken

Product no.: 032-031

Einspielen Aufwärmen Üben für Pauken - 28 pages; 100 exercises for timpani players, Text german

10.70 *

Riggi, Giacomo: Gary Burton Collection: Classic Solos Transcribed Vol. 1

Product no.: 046-564

Gary Burton Collection: Classic Solos Transcribed Vol. 1 - 46 pages; 12 famous Burton Soli, transcribed for Vibraphone or Marimba by Giacomo Riggi; advanced

49.90 *

Bach/Milkov, Theodor: Discovering the Hidden Polyphony behind Bach's Complete Cello Suites

Product no.: 044-3418

Discovering the Hidden Polyphony behind Bach's Complete Cello Suites - 148 pages; Arrangement of the cello suites for 5-octave marimba, taking into account the hidden polyphony in a monophonic melody line; Text engl.

75.00 *

Amandi, Elisabeth: Drumset Safari

Product no.: 025-153

Drumset Safari - 136 pages; 144 Solos for Drumset, Playbook for beginners to professionals (easy to advanced); suitable for concerts & competitions; Ideal supplement to a textbook, different styles: Rock, Latin, Jazz, Folk, Dance; Text german/english

plus mp3 download :
www.leu-verlag.de/downloads/mp3 Audiodaten

24.00 *

Lang, Michael: Exercises for Snare and Bass Drum

Product no.: 013-079

Exercises for Snare and Bass Drum - 136 pages; Exercises in all common rhythms, dynamics, accents, flams and roll exercises; Tips for the roll and holding of sticks; the bass drum takes over the meter; Text German; easy to intermediate

27.90 *

Kuyumcuyan, Emil: Azure for Marimba and Tape

Product no.: 044-3417

Azure for Marimba and Tape - 9 Min.; 5-Oktav-Marimba + Tape; advanced


Commissioned by the 7th World Marimba Competition Stuttgart 2022

38.90 *

Creemers, Rene/Gillmann, Andy: Drummer's Inspiration 2.0

Product no.: 022-663

Drummer's Inspiration 2.0 - 184 S.; der Lehrbuchklassiker in einer komplett überarbeiteten Version mit zahlreichen neuen und innovativen Übungen und Workouts im basic - advanced & master Level ist ein eigenständiges Lernkonzept für fortgeschrittene Drummer in 3 verschiedenen Levels; Text deutsch; Video-Dateien online per download

29.80 *

Greb, Benny: Effective Practicing for Musicians

Product no.: 029-604

Effective Practicing for Musicians - 190 pages; the ultimate guide for how to become better at your instrument; Text engl.


25.99 *

Abe, Keiko: Keiko Abe Works for Marimba Vol. III

Product no.: 044-3411

Keiko Abe Works for Marimba Vol. III - 42 pages; 4 titles for 5-Oktav-Marimba: 1. Song of the Soul (6'20 Min.), 2. Song of Trees (6'10 Min.), 3. Song of Trees II for Marimba Duo (7'30 Min.), 4. Wind Across Mountains for Six Mallets (6'30 Min.); advanced

42.00 *

Steinbauer, Johannes: Stickness

Product no.: 012-136

STICKNESS - 88 pages; Fitness for the Snare Drummer, technical exercises: Single, Double and Multiple Strokes; Grace Notes; Buzz and Closed Roll, etc.; Text engl.

42.00 *

Riley, John: The Master Drummer Expanded Edition

Product no.: 022-661

The Master Drummer Expanded Edition - 88 pages; follow up to "Art of Bop Drumming" and "Beyond Bop Drumming"; Technique, Groove, Creativity, Musicianship, Transcriptions, etc.; audios + videos online; Text engl.

Video Sample

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